What Is PSK?

Rather than using a foil outer layer like FSK, PSK uses a plastic blend of polypropylene. This form of insulation facing is common with ductwork and also excels for metal building insulation and basement wall facings. The strength of polypropylene prevents moisture from reaching the inner layers of your insulation, meaning longer-lasting, more reliable, and safer insulation. This type of premium vapor barrier helps retard heat, seal any gaps, and increase the tensile strength of your insulation or other type of product, alongside a number of other uses and benefits. 


PSK is different from something like FSK in that, as the material tends to be somewhat more expensive, it is generally more appropriate for indoor rather than outdoor use. PSK facings generally have a more even, polished, white-colored finish, which makes them look nicer for inside installations — as they will match the white paint of walls better. For these reasons, PSK is very common for exposed systems where aesthetics are a priority. 


PSK is used as a vapor barrier by, for example, having it attached to vats of fiberglass insulation from a major manufacturer, or simply by directly stapling it to exposed wall joists. Due to the low porosity of polypropylene, moisture penetration is vastly reduced and may be prevented from entering or exiting a building entirely. PSK can play a massive role in reducing condensation between wall layers, which helps prevent mold growth and corrosion. 

One thing in particular that makes Winona Building Products unique is that our adhesive formula is able to be fire-retardant and bond strongly without the usual use of chemicals considered by the International Living Future Institution to be dangerous to humans and the environment. We believe that eco-friendly vapor barriers are the future. If you would like to learn more about PSK or other insulation facing options, contact us online or give us a call today. Want to order PSK vapor barriers today? Our customer service experts are waiting for your call! 

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