How Our Contract Lamination Services Work

When you choose Winona Building Products for contract lamination, you get the best insulation facing solutions around. Getting your product faces laminated can help make them safer, increase their longevity, make them more fire-retardant, and make them more environmentally friendly. Our special adhesive formula — the part of the process that connects all three layers — has high bonding capabilities and is safe for use in homes and in industrial settings. Whether you are looking to create pre-constructed insulation facings or want to partner with our contract laminators to make your own, you will be getting the best contract laminating services around. 

Protect Your Products from Water and Heat

If you are in the construction, automotive, metal building, or aerospace industries, there is a high chance that you will benefit from getting vapor barrier coating. Creating a vapor barrier will protect your material from extreme temperatures, leaks, corrosion, and more. The benefits of custom coating is clear — it increases the longevity and quality of the products you install, and it is particularly useful for insulation. When you choose Winona, you get an effectiveness guarantee; you can rest-assured that your new vapor barrier will be able to keep moisture away from the insulation. If you are considering getting your products coated, call Winona Building Products today!


Winona Building Products will deliver your product fast and get your vapor barriers done right. Our state-of-the-art facility in Indiana is set up to be able to support high-demand, and we are able to ship to over 70% of the US population with one-day shipping. We produce a woven scrim, adhere it to strong, breathable kraft paper, and then laminate all the pieces together with a series of rolling and nipping. This process guarantees that you receive high-quality, product-enhancing contract lamination that will last for years to come. We can also do custom lamination with a product of your choosing.  


This is just a brief overview of how our contract lamination services work. For more information or for a free quote, contact us online! We look forward to speaking with you about all your contract lamination needs!

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