Vapor Barriers and Insulation Facings


We manufacture UL and ULC Classified insulation vapor retarders and provide lamination solutions for applications within the automotive, aerospace, metal building and construction industry.

Our products are Red List Free, and California Prop 65 compliant.




Custom Product Development

Let us be your alternative US based partner for custom insulation, facing, and lamination solutions. Call us today (574) 822-0100 so we can discuss your requirements, engineer the best product specifications and design, provide you with lab samples for additional testing and certifications, perform pre-production test runs, review results, provide you with estimated pricing and then become the supplier for your next breakthrough product innovation.

Contract Lamination

Production widths may vary up to 105", and thickness from 1.5-10 mil.  Adhesives must be water based, and we can support bi and tri laminate configurations, with the optional addition of reinforced poly or fiberglass weave.

Contract Coating

Winona can develop a custom coated solution in widths up to 105" and diameters up to 48".  Water based coating only.

The coating application is achieved via an enclosed direct gravure application. The gravure rolls and impression rolls are 12-inch diameter. The gravure application is via an atmospheric enclosed doctor applicator. The machine is capable of both forward and reverse gravure.



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Winona Building Products has been established to meet the demand for US manufactured UL Classified insulation vapor retarders and facings. 

Winona Building Products was founded by the owners of E&H Products, Inc., established in 1983, an insulation facing distributor in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and the owner of Winona Powder Coating, established in 1979, a high-volume powder coater in Etna Green, Indiana.

Winona’s insulation facings are designed with patent-pending flame retardant adhesive chemistry without the use of any Red List chemicals, according to the International Living Future Institute, and also meets stringent fire codes.  Winona’s insulation facings are manufactured on a state of the art in-line scrim laminator and produces laminates up to 105 inches wide.


Located in a 300,000 sq/ft facility on a 19-acre site in Plymouth, Indiana, it's Midwestern location enables fast and cost effective transportation to the entire US and Canada, reaching 70% of the US within one day's transit.





105" (2667 mm) Lamination Line

109 inch 2769 mm roll face laminating machine with a 105 inch 2667 mm working face, set up for wet bond application, and equipped with dual unwinds each with flying splice capability to insure continuous operation, and a completed wound roll diameter of 48 inches. Tension controls are set up to handle low tension with lightweight films and high tension on foil webs. One unwind is capable of paper web handling.

The unwind web paths are equipped with variable bow spreader rolls to handle film and paper. The film web path is equipped with a corona treater to ensure optimal dyne level and bond strength.  All webs are equipped with web guides.  The machine is equipped with two laminating nips the first capable of 100 pli and the second 150 pli. This configuration is utilized for two-component lamination.

Drying is achieved with 3 oil heated drums with temperature capability up to 400 degrees F.  The drums are each wrapped with Global Tech high velocity air caps. The ability to control temperature of dryer drums, air cap, and air velocity, provide a fine degree of control over evaporation rates as required by various products.

Machine Speed will be dependent upon product, adhesive applied and its solids, and whether or not re-enforcing scrim is incorporated into the product and it may range from 200 ft/min (61 m/min) to 1000 ft/min (305 m/min).

Continuous scrim

The machine is also equipped with a re-enforcing scrim weaving capability. MD and diagonal patterns are achievable with a variable angle capability. Winona is currently set up for fiberglass and polyester film combinations.

Patent Pending
Red List Free 
Adhesive Technology

Our proprietary adhesive technology provides the necessary flame retardant properties while meeting stringent fire codes, the adhesive is Red List free and California Prop 65 compliant, and is ASTM E84 and UL 723 certified.

The adhesive application is achieved via an enclosed direct gravure application. The gravure rolls and impression rolls are 12-inch diameter. The gravure application is via an atmospheric enclosed doctor applicator. The machine is capable of both forward and reverse gravure.



Delivering your product fast is our priority. 


Winona Building Products operates from its new 19 acres, 300,000 sq/ft plant located in Plymouth, IN with the ability to reach 70% of US population within 1 day trucking, and we are 4 hours to nearest Canadian crossing. 

We also have an active rail spur supporting 7 rail cars under roof.



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